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As a child, Helen Trencher knew she would ultimately become a teacher and entertainer. With her background in education and natural affinity for storytelling, humor, and rhythm, Helen brings an energetic and insightful perspective to her keynote addresses, talks, and workshops. These engaging and interactive events leave her audiences more informed and self-aware, increasing the potential for a joy-filled and satisfying life experience.

Presentation & Workshop Topics

The Rhythm of Reinvention: Three Essential Elements for Living a More Inspired Life

In this engaging and thought provoking talk, Helen shares her journey of reinvention and the three essential elements for professional and personal success. Through guided activities and opportunities for reflection, these essential elements can serve to inspire participants wishing to more fully embrace life’s opportunities and challenges.

This topic is suitable as a keynote address or as an inspirational talk with an accompanying workshop (or two!).

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The Wonder of Rhythm: The Influence of Sound, Music & Rhythm in Our Lives

Helen takes her audience on an interactive and enlightening journey of music and rhythm’s influence on culture, history, health, and group development—culminating in a mini “drum circle” for participants to experience the wonders of rhythm, first hand.

This topic works great as a keynote address.

Drum Call: Enhancing Team Performance through Rhythm

The playing of hand drums and other percussion instruments can serve as a focal point for team building and development. In this hands-on and highly interactive event, Helen encourages active participation and self-reflection. The resulting rhythms are a direct result of how well participants listen, lead, trust, cooperate, and communicate.

This topic is quite suitable as a hands-on workshop and can easily accompany a keynote address.

Finding the Rhythm Within: Experiencing the Innate Singer, Dancer & Drummers

The hands, feet, and the voice are the innate means of musical expression. Combined with the playing of percussion instruments and opportunities for guided reflection, Helen engenders an atmosphere of joy, insight, and uninhibited expression. Participants can then apply this enhanced self-awareness to all facets of daily living.

This topic is quite suitable as a hands-on workshop and can easily accompany a keynote address.

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Golda Meir: Choices & Chances

During this presentation that starts in 1974, the audience will have a rare opportunity to meet the soon-to-be former Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Golda Meir, as she reflects on the early years of her storied career: 1914 – 1948. Helen then answers questions: first as Golda Meir and then as herself, the scholar/presenter.

This one-woman living history is usually offered as a stand-alone event; please refer to http://www.helentrencher.com/Golda.html for additional details.

Making Peace with Your Past

To make a meaningful peace with the past, one must strive to comprehend its many lessons. Helen shares her knowledge and her own journey of self-discovery while gently guiding her audience through various opportunities for reflection and increased self-knowledge.

This topic is suitable as a keynote address or as a motivational talk with an accompanying workshop (or two!).


"Thank you so much for giving us your time this morning at the Optimist Club. I could tell that everyone really enjoyed your presentation. It's so good to hear about self-worth & being true to yourself. … you have a very unique gift of self-expression - and I admire that.”
—Debbie Espinoza, Arvada Optimist Club

“I’m calling just to thank you again for being our speaker. And what a pleasant surprise. It’s not your normal, everyday speech. I liked it. And you’re just a delight.”
— Mary Marshall, Mile High Sales Pros

“Isn't it fun when we learn something new. It will be a great for people to listen to your talks and be inspired ....”
— Judy Hoffman, North Suburban Sales Pros

“It was a pleasure to listen to you last Friday...your story about listening to yourself and then actually acting to make things happen is very thought provoking. I think you telling your story to a room full of people is also a courageous thing to do...we all have an inner voice, but not all of us choose to really listen to it. Please keep it up...”
— Jordan E. Goray, Littleton Optimist Clubs