Helen as Golda Meir
"I have never believed in inflexibility—except when Israel is concerned. On matters that have to do with my country, I have never conceded an inch—but people are something else"
(Meir, 1975, p. 183).

Meir, G. (1975). My life. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons.
During this presentation that starts in 1974, you will have a rare opportunity to meet the soon-to-be former Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Golda Meir, as she reflects on the early years of her storied career: 1914 – 1948.

Two versions of this one-woman drama are available; all performances are appropriate for both adults and young adults:

Golda Meir: Choices & Chances

  • One-hour living history: Touching on key moments during her early years, the 45-minute monologue is followed with a 15-minute Q&A: first as Golda Meir (nee Golda Meyerson), finishing with a Q&A with the scholar/presenter.
  • Two-hour, full length adult program: This performance expands on Golda Meir's pivotal moments that shaped not only an individual's life, but the destiny of a nation.

A Golda Meir presentation suitable for children and family audiences:

A Visit with Bubbe (Grandmother) Golda

Meet Bubbe Golda—Mrs. Golda Meir, former Prime Minister of Israel—as she reflects on her early years as a kibbutz pioneer, young working mother, Jewish traditions and life as a Jewish leader. Questions are encouraged throughout the 45-minute program!


"Thank you for a wonderful performance! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.”
— Carol Heepke, Boulder Public Library Special Programs Coordinator

“It was fantastic. You did not hear a peep.”
— Selma Zwerdlinger, in charge of Senior Chavurah at BMH-BJ Congregation

“I have seen many actors portray characters from history, but have never seen anyone that has paid attention to the detail that Helen did in her presentation of "Golda: Letters to Mama"... I cannot recommend it highly enough.”
— Elnore A. Grow, Lakewood AAUW Chapter

“I was moved and delighted with your portrayal of young Golda Meir. I have always had an admiration for the woman as leader of Israel, but you have added to that idea to make her a whole person for me. I know by the questions asked of you by your audience, here at RiverPointe, that they were similarly impressed with the Golda you portrayed. Didn't she experience the same struggles of female role fulfillment--family, work, heart desires--that we all do? And yet, the brave, motivated person she was took her to a higher plane of influence and accomplishment than most of us ever attain. Thank you, Helen, for bringing her to us.”
— Kris Clark, Resident Services at RiverPointe Senior Living

“In her performance as former Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir, Helen Trencher truly captures the spirit of one of the most important women leaders of the 20th century.”
— Dr. Norman Provizer, Founder and Director of Golda Meir Center for Political Leadership at Metro State College of Denver

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your great performance at our women's group at the Hebrew Educational Alliance. It was absolutely fabulous! The women haven't stopped talking about wonderful it was. I certainly can't remember the group ever being so engrossed and focused as they were when you "became" Golda. What a fascinating and informative way to have history come alive.”
—Julie Perlman, Women's Social Network at Hebrew Educational Alliance

“The audience reviews were all fabulous…and amazed at the amount of detail and information you had while conducting the Q&A.”
— Megan S.F. Ellis, Outreach & Programming at the Central Library of the Aurora Public Library

“The evaluations we got back had loads of praise for you and your storytelling! Many of them mentioned that they learned a great deal about [Bubbe] Golda and really appreciated that. Always great when you learn & enjoy at the same time.”
— Kris Chipps, Adult & Teen Program Specialist for the Arapahoe Library District

“You were absolutely fabulous…how outstanding you and your performance was…and they’re still talking about you! You knocked the ball right out of the park.”
— Diana Pilikian, Offsite Program Coordinator for Pillar Institute

“Finding out about Golda's personal life and the challenges she faced as a working mother during this time certainly added a unique perspective to the accounts we have read in the mainstream media. Kudos to you for bringing history to life in such a fascinating forum. Thank you for contributing to our greater knowledge and understanding of the many complex issues in our life and our world.”
— Mary Beth France, on behalf of the Central Colorado Humanist Board

“I was very inspired by your performance... There was a lot of great feedback.”
— Jennifer Dempsey, founder of The Salida Circus

“On behalf of Mimi, myself and the rest of the Denver Chapter members, we want to thank you for a wonderful afternoon of entertainment. We appreciate your commitment to the life of Golda Meir and your presentation. Thank you again.”
— Flo Dubowitz, President of the Denver Chapter - ORT America

Golda Meir's hope and vision for the Jewish people — to exist as a sovereign state and to live and thrive in peace with their Arab neighbors — is as vital today as it was in the 20th century.